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Woodland Investment Services

Craig R. Brown, Consulting Forester

Protecting the Landowner


As your representative, there are a number of steps that I take to help protect you, the landowner.

Bid Notice Preparation

The Bid Notice outlines all of the job requirements and exactly what is for sale.  It is very important to know exactly how many trees will be harvested from your property.  In most cases the more trees harvested, the more money a landowner should receive.  You should never sell your timber on a diameter limit contract.  Diameter limits are very subjective and it is easy to take advantage of a landowner under these circumstances.

Timber Sale Agreement

I will provide you with a Timber Sale Agreement that was designed to protect the landowner.   Often, contracts provided by the purchaser are more favorable to the purchaser than the landowner.

Insurance Requirements

I require that the purchaser provides certificates proving that they are insured and that their coverage limits are sufficient.  There are some contractors who operate with insufficient coverage, or without insurance altogether.

Performance Bond

I require that the purchaser supplies a performance bond before any work begins on your property.  This bond will be returned to the purchaser once the terms of the Timber Sale Agreement have been met.

Job Inspections

I will conduct periodic, random job inspections during the harvest to ensure that the contractor is following the terms of the Timber Sale Agreement.